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This post is in response to the Big Question December 2009 – What did you learn about learning in 2009?

I guess this year I learnt much more than last year. Let me quickly list some highlights here:

  • I have written better quality articles.
  • I have gained good instructional designing and technical writing skills.
  • I learnt microblogging through Twitter.
  • The Instructional Designers Community of India was formed this year and I got the opportunity to organize learning sessions . I must say I was able to network with a lot of learning professionals through the community. I also gained a lot from these learning sessions.

This year has also been very special because The Writers Gateway got featured in eLearning Learning and my post got listed in the Top 125 Workplace Elearning Posts .

Also people have come to this blog  and left Thank you messages for the kind of help they found here. This is really exciting and encouraging :)

Well, 2009 is also now very special because this year I decided to become an independent professional.

This being said, presenting top posts from The Writers Gateway.

Here are the top 10 posts of 2009, first from elearning Learning.

  1. 7 Invaluable Thoughts About Film Making that Applies toInstructional Designing too!
  2. Why You Should Have User Centric Tutorials for Software Products
  3. Have You Thought of Character Driven Stories for Your E-learning?
  4. Why Enhanced Reading Comprehension Skills Are a Must for Instructional Designers?
  5. My Experience and Lessons Learnt While Creating a Demonstration for a Mobile Application

Check the complete list here.

Posts that invited lot of discussions  in The Writers Gateway are:

According to The Writers Gateway Stats, the following posts have also got a lot of attention:

Thank you all for making The Writers Gateway so special for me.

Hope you continue to read posts @ The Writers Gateway.



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