6 Reasons To Use Amplify for Collaborative Learning


I recently came across this website called Amplify that works just like Twitter and other social networking sites. However Amplify seems to be a much more effective tool for collaborative learning than any other freely available learning tools today. I say this taking into account some of the unique features in Amplify.

There are top 6 Features in Amplify that makes it an effective tool for collaborative learning. Here is the list:

  1. Amplify Add-in : You can integrate Amplify into your web browser and it acts just like a Go button. Every time you come across an interesting article, you can share it with others within seconds without any manual entry.
  2. Amplify URL/Amplify Selection options: These options are really interesting. In Amplify, you have the option of sharing portions of a web resource. For example, if you want to share an interesting finding about usage of e-learning from a report, you can highlight a specific portion in the report and share it with others.
  3. Add you take option: This is the best option in Amplify. Every time you share information, you can add your 2 cents to it. So when you share resources with others, they get to read your perspectives/thoughts/opinions about the topic.
  4. Recommend option: If you find an interesting resource posted by your friends, you can recommend it. You do not have to repost it.
  5. Amplify Daily Brief: Every day you receive a list of resources posted or recommended by your friends. So even if you are not checking the site, you get to check the resources through your mailbox.
  6. Integration with Popular Social Networking sites: You can sign into Amplify using your Twitter or Facebook accounts. This makes life easy :)

The features above do make Amplify an effective tool for collaborative learning. For example, if four students are working on a research paper, all of them can sign into Amplify and follow one another. During the process of researching, each of them can keep posting resources to Amplify. The resources could be full length articles, quotations from e-books, interesting findings from reports and so on. The resources can be qualified with personal comments/thoughts/ideas. Amplify will help  the students to collate information, discuss and share ideas/thoughts as they work on their paper.

Amplify could also be used by organizations for employee training and learning. May be Amplify could be integrated into the corporate intranet or learning portal.  Last but not the least, I must say I love the user interface design of Amplify and on a usability scale of 5, I would rate it as 4.5.

Now I would love to hear from you:

Have you used Amplify? What is your take on its use for collaborative learning?

Please share your thoughts.

9 comments to 6 Reasons To Use Amplify for Collaborative Learning

  • Rupa, thank you for expanding my understanding of the use of Amplify. I found Amplify extremely useful when I first started using it. I have written about how I use it as one of my PKM tools in the following post: http://idreflections.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-learning-tools.html

  • Sahana, I discovered Amplify through your postings … Thanks to u :)

  • YC

    Interesting post. I am trying it now.

  • I love Amplify, have been a big supporter for a long time. I’d also recommend another great service, Diigo, which allows highlighting and sharing. I use both daily, and have them linked – my Amplify posts automatically save as Diigo bookmarks as well as posting to Twitter and/or Posterous (another great service) if I choose.

    Another great reason to use Amplify is that the team that developed it are really responsive to the user community – very, very friendly and helpful.

  • Rupa, I too have gotten hooked on Amplify. The thing I like most about it is that it allows you to push out a piece of content (article, video, web site, still image), to your Twitter, Facebook, Delicious (and a bunch more) accounts, saving you time from having to manually cross post. And, because it’s so easy to use as you point out in your review, I tend to make many more posts than pre-Amplify days. It’s become a valuable tool in my social media arsenal.

  • Very interesting post. Now, I have to give Amplify a go! Thanks Rupa. :)

  • As a reluctant adopter of tools, one of the things I do is to be a skeptic to start with. This helps me stay focussed on the tools I really, really need.

    Given that someone may already be using Delicious or Diigo, is there a separate reason to use Amplify?

    You see I’m signed on to the tool, but given that I’m already stretched on time, I haven’t had the energy to play around with the tool.

  • As you rightly mention, you choose tools that serve your purpose and that you are comfortable to use. Amplify is a new tool and I like the UI and a few features. I am not sure if everyone will like it. I prefer Amplify to Diigo. Reverse might be the case with many.

  • Meerika

    Good one! Has anyone been to the new Community Forum? Found it to be a great e-learning resource. http://go2see.it/acw

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