Instructional Design Review Checklists – Key to Quality E-learning

In any e-learning development company, storyboards and e-learning courses go through rounds of testing to ensure desired quality levels.  You should find a lot of blog posts on e-learning testing. All these articles talk about the importance of usability testing, learnability testing for e-learning courses.

When you talk of e-learning testing,  Instructional Design review is also a critical testing activity that happens in the development phase/storyboarding phase.

During Instructional Design review,  you analyse storyboards  to check the following:

  • Is the course meeting the instructional objectives?
  • Is content structuring okay?
  • Have instructional stragies been applied right?
  • How is the instructional flow?
  • How is the quality of the content?
  • How’s the language?
  • Are assessments complete and effective?
  • Is the audio script in sync with onscreen content?
  • Are visual descriptions detailed enough?
  • More…

When you review storyboards, here are some things you might do:

  • Completely understand project requirements, target audience, design strategy.
  • Map existing storyboards or work done to the initial requirements and design strategy.

It is a good practice to test and evaluate your storyboards  during regular intervals to avoid major issues during the implementation phase. It is even better to provide Instructional Design Review checklists to Instructional Designers just when they are about start storyboarding. This will help you minimize mistakes to a greater extent and save all the time you spend fixing mistakes during the review stage.

In this post, let’s try answering some questions about Instructional Design Review checklists and how they can help achieve desired quality levels in e-learning.

So what are Instructional Design Review checklists?

ID Review Checklists are job aids that specify parameters/guidelines for storyboarding and e-learning content creation. Checklists can be created for specific projects. Instructional Designers can use the checklist to check if the storyboards are meeting the desired quality.

What kind of parameters/ guidelines can be included in Instructional Design Review checklists?

Lets take the example of templatized e-learning content such as these in the MedlinePlus website. In this case, checklists can specify :

  • Guidelines to design course menu
  • Naming convention for topic titles
  • Limit on number of topics
  • Things to keep in mind while designing the course introduction
  • Instructional Strategies to be used
  • Image and text positioning
  • How much text onscreen allowed?
  • How many assessments to include?
  • Assessment design

What are the advantages of Instructional Design Review checklists?

  • You will be able to clearly communicate quality expectations to your Instructional Design team.
  • The work that your Instructional Design team deliver will be better synchronized.
  • You will be able to detect quality issues during the development phase.
  • You will be able to achieve consistency and desired quality levels in e-learning courses.


An Example of Instructional Design Review Checklist

Please do share your thoughts on this post and also any Instructional Design checklists freely available on the web.

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