Here’s How You Reduce Training and Support Costs!

You have an amazing software product….. the product is going to create great value for your customers…. you plan to invest a lot in support and training and increase  product adoption…… Wow! Is that good enough?

Have you thought of a way to increase product adoption, keeping training and support costs low? Well, it’s not simple,  I know. However it’s not impossible either….


Invest more in the usability of the  product.

Focus on user effectiveness.

I know this sounds very theoretical. Will try to share some case studies in the coming days. Meanwhile I would like to hear from you.

Please share your views or case studies if any.

1 comment to Here’s How You Reduce Training and Support Costs!

  • vijeesh Shankar

    True! I recently suggested simulationa and got an imediate reply “our software is user friendly, it guides at each step and wont allow u to make mistakes!”

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